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The Professional Installation of Chimney Liners in Wallkill, NY

"But my chimney looks fine from the outside!"

While the exterior of your chimney might look fine, it is essential to remember that it is the inside of your chimney that actually does all of the hard work. Erosion, cracks, missing or falling pieces, and excessive build-up of combustible creosote on the flue walls are all problems associated with the everyday use of a chimney. Many of these issues never show themselves on the outside, but can lead to further erosion, illness, or even the loss of property or life.

Hickory Mountain Chimney & Masonry, Ltd. provides the professional installation of chimney liners in Wallkill, NY, you need to breathe life back into your chimney. Through our chimney inspection and repair services, you ensure that your fireplace is in top working order before you light it.

Routine Fireplace Maintenance

A new liner and routine maintenance can keep your fireplace or wood stove in the best possible shape. It also helps to reduce any fire risks to your property drastically. Professional maintenance services ensure that your house and family are safe by inspecting, cleaning, and repairing any issues that reveal themselves. Remember, fireplace flue cleanings should be part of your annual schedule.

The Best Liners in the Business

When it comes to high-quality chimney liners, nobody delivers quality quite like our company. We are a professional installer of Golden Flue® cast in place liners, Forever Flex® flexible stainless steel chimney liners, and HomeSaver® flexible stainless steel liners.

Interested in learning more about these different options? Then reach out to our chimney company today to schedule an inspection and thorough evaluation of the inside of your chimney and what it needs to be at its very best. We are ready to assist you with our:

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